Monday, April 4, 2011

New and Exciting

Last week I received some new fabric I am pretty excited about. Expecting some more this week as well.

I have several new projects lined up. I have an order for a customized draft guard, which will be really cute! I am just waiting on the measurements. I will definitely be posting photos!

I also have lined up an Easter purse for my daughter which I will be using instead of an Easter basket. Filling it with the fake grass and some goodies. Really looking forward to that. I have some nice fabrics chosen for that one.

I am also looking into eyelet setters, which I have never used before. There is a bag/backpack I am planning on making. It's a patchwork design and really cute! I am pretty excited about the projects I have lined up.

I will keep my blog updated with info and photos, so be sure to check back often. Any suggestions for projects are always welcome! :)

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